Investment Consulting

Our services encompass all the processes that are required for the purchase, sale and increase of property value for all properties in our portfolio. Our solutions are diverse, as they represent the entire value chain of a property. We analyze commercial real estate of all areas of use in every project phase: In existing buildings, developments or land in relation to site suitability, usage possibility, project duration and risk diversification. Also opportunities for economic optimization of new construction projects, investment properties and portfolios of individuals as well as the redevelopment possibilities.

Strategic marketing opportunities
Through our property know-how, we can assess current market conditions competently and develop strategic marketing options based on the properties entrusted to us. An all-encompassing view of the whole, including the legal and fiscal framework, are always taken into account in the above activities. Our partners are ready to provide advice related to the appropriate departments. Our solutions are feasible to reduce the risk in purchasing and lead to a measurable value on the sale of the property.


Commercial and Technical Due Diligence

After careful consideration of all the opportunities and risks of an investment in real estate have been thoroughly checked, two other important aspects that must be considered are the guarantee of sustained performance and the identification of potential obstacles related to future marketing. Through our expertise we can assess these processes competently. We will gladly make use of our expertise to help you enhance your level of information about the property and improve the quality of your decision.

Process Monitoring
We actively support you throughout the due diligence process – from the audit on the compilation of all relevant data, analysis of commercial, legal and technical situation up to the purchase contract. We can rely on various professionals with specific knowledge, making it possible for us to serve extensively in all process steps.

Investment Decision
Based on the results of the analysis, we can develop a sound basis for your investment objective decision. Of course, we will also develop customized solutions for the value and sustainability of the property.


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