Nicolai Soltau

Dipl.-Real Estate Econimist

Property Management – Investment

Nicolai Soltau obtained his training in the business of real estate and housing industry in the prestigious real estate agent Karla Fricke Immobilien GmbH & Co. He successfully completed his studies, in which he has continued to work after graduating. His primary responsibilities included the management of apartment buildings and apartment owner companies.

In 2006 Nicolai Soltau joined GBG Hansegrund GmbH in the area of commercial and investment apartment buildings. The average size he was entrusted to manage was approximately 90,000 m². In 2010 he successfully completed his tenure parallel to his studies and graduated as a real estate economist (ADI).

Since April 2011 his responsibilities have been focused within the laren estate management company in the development of laren Management Germany GmbH. His property management role extends from residential and office space on commercial properties through to the center management. His responsibilities include commercial and technical management and the coordination of the marketing and development of sites and facilities. He is also actively involved in the investment and real estate purchasing areas regarding sale of properties as well as valuations.

Tel.: +49 40 226 22 99 – 0
Mobil: +49 176 122 622 18