Project Development

Laren Estate creates innovative approaches to challenging projects that meet both user expectations and the requirements for usable real estate needs. We have experience in market, location, competition, risk, and cost analysis and can contribute to the optimal development of the property.

Employees and Network
Our employees always work efficiency and are success-oriented, ensuring quick and clear results. We also have a wide network of partners from diverse sectors so that contracts with future users are already identified during the project’s initiation and formulation. This procedure has two advantages: risks can be minimized, and also they can be identified at an early stage to ensure project success.

Management and Operations
For the management and subsequent operation of the project our project partners are available.

We begin with marketing of all development projects at a very early stage and permanently monitor the opportunities and risks of each development.

Contact Person:

Axel Fricke
Tel.: +49 40 226 22 99 16
Mobil: +49 172 690 86 86