Real Estate Management

Portfolio Management

The development of a carefully examined portfolio is one of our areas of responsibility. Our first step is to analyze and evaluate the purchase of potential properties. In order to achieve this we gather together the necessary data and analyze it, which includes: the rental situation, contract terms, style, size, industry mix and allocation of rented space, tenant creditworthiness and sustainability of rental income, revenue and expenditure situation, current financial situation, maintenance situation and the assessment of the property in accordance with national and international criteria.

After determining the available data the next step is working with you to jointly develop a strategy for selling or buying your own or foreign real estate. In close cooperation with our partners, we can help you to raise capital required. We can also advise you in how you can invest your own capital optimally.


Asset Management

We can help you develop investment strategies for your property and accompany them along the value chain. In our real estate asset management role, we start with agreed targets within the property portfolio and how they can be achieved effectively. We already have these targets in place during the due diligence phase of the transaction and we will continue to focus on identifying opportunities for sustainable value creation for your property and take appropriate action. Continuing with a successful management of assets, we apply our expertise throughout the entire acquisition, investment and divestment strategy implementation. The perception of the real estate and raising value-added potential are always at the forefront of our strategy.


Property Management

In our activities, we always have two key objectives: the increase of customer value and sustainable protection of our client’s property. Therefore, we also focus strongly within “Property Management”. We keep an overview of all the activities related from the costs over the planning and implementation of the management, mediation and control of external service providers to coordination of all building conservation measures. We also advise on issues of profitability and the increase in value of property to create an effective and systematic management portfolio.

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